Despite setbacks and weathering no shortage of furphies, some Australian EV owners have gone well out of their way to make it easier for the rest of us by their example and guidance. Show an Aussie EV Champion some love by using their Tesla referral code when you order yours. You'll both receive free Supercharger Kms and your chosen champ will go in the running to win.

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David Cao

Melbourne, Victoria

Pharmacist, Tech Enthusiast, Electric Vehicle and Renewable Energy advocate.


Sydney, New South Wales

Model 3 owner and EV advocate, powered by 100% Fair dinkum Solar and Powerwalls. Aircraft operator and Pilot.

Chris Vanderstock

Melbourne, Victoria

A technology fan who makes YouTube videos about technology, renewables, EV's, cruising and more.

Tesla Straya

Central Coast, New South Wales

Tesla enthusiast & Powerwall2 owner, on the New South Wales Central Coast. Has a passion for all things technology.


Alice Springs, Northern Territory

Electric Vehicles in Alice Springs, not in cooee of a Supercharger. True blue Aussie Outback.